Coaching for the Whole Soul

Whole Soul Lab is a full-service coaching practice dedicated to making your every day

fulfilling, vibrant, balanced and healthy,

whether at home, work, or out in the wide world on the adventure of your dreams.

Our coaching team is Morgan RoweDave Rowley and Verhanika Willhelm.

We’ve travelled three distinct roads to ultimately unite and form Whole Soul Lab, banding together to offer our clients a wealth of coaching modalities and philosophies to learn and grow from.

You may choose to work with one, two, or all three of us.

We aim to bring your vision into clear focus; It’s your life we serve!

To learn more about our Individual, Workplace, and Group Offerings click that button right under here!


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Latest From The Blog

  • Look Outside

    Travel Tip For Life No. 4: You Can Only Look Outside One Window At A Time

    I once spent three months traveling around the British Isles without a rental car, which meant that I spent a lot of time in buses and trains and if I learned anything that trip, it was this: It’s far more enjoyable once you’ve found your seat, to concentrate on the view outside your window than it is get all bent out of shape trying to take in what’s on the other side of the […]

  • medium_2356613630

    Noticing Notes: Imagine This


    You are sitting at your desk.

    You are sitting at your desk staring at a blank page in your notebook.

    You are sitting at your desk staring at a blank page in your notebook and this blank page stares back.

    You are sitting at your desk staring at a blank page in your notebook and this blank page stares back as you twirl your favorite pen in one hand and nurse a mug of green tea in […]

  • medium_3598179234

    Verhanika goes on a journey

    The last few months I’ve been messing around with a pretty radical concept. As you may know this last year of grad school has put a bit of weight on me.

    Yup, I’m totally going to blame grad school. I believe that if I wasn’t under the crazy pressure that I am, I probably would’ve stayed my same size in all manner of the phrase.

    With the increase in weight has also come an expansion of […]

  • processed_foods_aisles

    Give It Up Thursday: Processed Food Edition


    Today I’m attempting to address a problem that has been mounting in the last week.

    Last Tuesday I went to my first strength training session in a few weeks. I normally do some sort of strength training 2-3 days a week. I do it rather reluctantly since I find it challenging to be in the weight room with all the dude/bros. <–I’m working on this!

    Let’s just say I seriously overdid it when it came to […]

  • medium_8603040267

    Give It Up Thursday Reminder

    It’s almost time for Give It Up Thursday! It’s your chance to try on giving up an idea or trying on a new idea or habit for a day. (Just a day!)

    Last week I attempted a redux of the previous week’s mission: to lighten my bag of all unnecessary things.

    Fortunately for me I had a really healthy motivator. That Wednesday night I went to a dance class and promptly sprained my ankle. For most […]

  • Photo Credit: Morgan Rowe

    Travel Tips for Life No. 3 ~ Assume You don’t Understand

    When I was in India, I had the great privilege of working with a group of young women from a few villages in West Bengal.  Were putting on a play based on a short story by Tagore called Chitra.  The story revolves around a young warrior princess who falls for a warrior named Arjun and in order to win him she asks the Gods to change her from a strong, capable fighter and leader […]

What Our Clients Say

Whether you are at a turning point, or just feel there’s more to tap into, Morgan can guide and inspire you, while giving you the tools you need to honor and expand in this beautiful life. It is a joy to work with her.
Julie B., Actress/Producer
Before Verhanika came into the picture we had already spoken to a “traditional” financial planner and found it entirely unhelpful (if anything it made us feel more frustrated and helpless). Talking to Verhanika was a completely different experience. We can’t recommend her services highly enough, so you’ll just have to see them for yourself!
JC & SC, Financial Coaching Clients
In one session, Dave was able to pinpoint and reflect back to me some deep-seated emotional blocks that I didn’t even realize I had. Dave gave me space to unearth my own truth in a way that was healing for me. I couldn’t wait to get off the phone and get started because Dave had rekindled my passion for the project
Lisa Robbin Y., Author and Speaker
In this crazy adventure called life, Morgan is one of those unexpected hidden gems. She has this presence that makes you feel nurtured, cared for, and deeply listened to. Morgan can help you find (and stick to) your path.
Amy!, The Permission Faery
Verhanika is knowledgeable, personable, organized, competent and implicitly trustworthy. She will always give you the best advice and even tailor it to your specific needs and habits. She is second to none. I highly recommend her services to any and all.
CK, Artist
Dave was attentive, leaving spaces for powerful silences. His coaching style really helped me zone in on what was most important despite the fact that I had many threads needing attention. His gentle yet powerful guidance really empowered me to come up with my answers. I felt very safe with Dave and understood even when I wasn’t clear myself. I would highly recommend him as a coach. I received so much out of our session.
Stephanie G.