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Morgan Rowe is a Certified Life Coach and Bliss Advocate who specializes in helping people live as fully and authentically out loud as they do in their imaginations. She marries rich exploration of ethereal, emotional impulses and intuitive yearnings with getting up and doing things in a fully real world, Look Ma, I'm totally living my life! way.

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  • Searching for Structure

    I never knew how much I loved structure until I didn’t have it anymore.  For years, I had school to help me organize my life, with activities, work and homework filling in naturally. Then college, while being a little looser, also had a structure to it that I really appreciated. While the schedule would change every semester, there was a set schedule for several months that I could arrange other activities around.

    After graduating, I […]

  • The Power of Scaffolding

    Structure is truly one of my favorite things to look at and work with. In my life I have learned that there is nothing more powerful than a good structure.

    But some people think of structure and imagine huge, imposing ideas akin to the Empire State Building or a giant medieval castle.

    I propose that structure does not have to be huge and imposing, but rather just a tiny bit of scaffolding to support us while […]

  • Structure Love

    Structure Is All Around Us

    Our lives are filled with structure.  It’s in us, around us.  It holds us up and keeps us together.  We order our days with routines and habits that revolve around the construct of time and marking dates on a calendar.

    Scientists spend countless hours studying the smallest structures in the world, cells, atoms, and the largest, the revolving, expanding universe that surrounds us.

    Here at Whole Soul Lab, we are going to spend the next two […]

  • “I’m making up a story that…”

    This last weekend I was in school for my 9th of 14 conferences. This one, like the one at this time last year, was entirely devoted to forming a group within the class called an I-group. I-group (the I can stand for a whole lot of things) was a practice created for a few purposes. I tell people it is to help us identify Family of Origin triggers and then work through conflicts with […]

  • Scan 4_2

    A Story about Letting Go of the Story

    This story is about letting go of the story.  See, my dad died 11 years ago yesterday.  I thought that last year would be the end of marking the anniversary in any public sort of way.  A decade of punctual, public remembrance seemed appropriate and satisfactory.  Then I found myself on Tuesday obsessively pulling together stories from the end of his life into a notebook for the director of my solo show ~ Part […]

  • medium_6845990292-1

    A Brief History Of Trees

    When we moved in, the back yard was empty except for newly laid lawn and an old gum tree in the back right hand corner. Stripped bark circled the base of the tree like discarded snake skins.
    Holidays at Budgewoi. I always woke first and walked along the lake, in and out through the paperbark trees, their upper branches filled with morning sky and magpie songs.

    First grade. On my way to the bus stop I’d […]

What Our Clients Say

Whether you are at a turning point, or just feel there’s more to tap into, Morgan can guide and inspire you, while giving you the tools you need to honor and expand in this beautiful life. It is a joy to work with her.
Julie B., Actress/Producer
Before Verhanika came into the picture we had already spoken to a “traditional” financial planner and found it entirely unhelpful (if anything it made us feel more frustrated and helpless). Talking to Verhanika was a completely different experience. We can’t recommend her services highly enough, so you’ll just have to see them for yourself!
JC & SC, Financial Coaching Clients
In one session, Dave was able to pinpoint and reflect back to me some deep-seated emotional blocks that I didn’t even realize I had. Dave gave me space to unearth my own truth in a way that was healing for me. I couldn’t wait to get off the phone and get started because Dave had rekindled my passion for the project
Lisa Robbin Y., Author and Speaker
In this crazy adventure called life, Morgan is one of those unexpected hidden gems. She has this presence that makes you feel nurtured, cared for, and deeply listened to. Morgan can help you find (and stick to) your path.
Amy!, The Permission Faery
Verhanika is knowledgeable, personable, organized, competent and implicitly trustworthy. She will always give you the best advice and even tailor it to your specific needs and habits. She is second to none. I highly recommend her services to any and all.
CK, Artist
Dave was attentive, leaving spaces for powerful silences. His coaching style really helped me zone in on what was most important despite the fact that I had many threads needing attention. His gentle yet powerful guidance really empowered me to come up with my answers. I felt very safe with Dave and understood even when I wasn’t clear myself. I would highly recommend him as a coach. I received so much out of our session.
Stephanie G.